Still "Alive in HOPE!"

For those who've known this blog for years, know that I am still "Alive in HOPE!" Still looking at life through the eyes of faith and finding HOPE in a "hopeless" world... The only difference is that I now feel called to do so from the back of a bicycle on a 500+ mile pilgrimage; to share a message of hope from Our Lady of Fatima!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Marian Center for Peace

After racing to stay ahead of a severe thunderstorm today, we were blessed to arrive early in Wisconsin Rapids, where we are staying over tonight.

I LOVE how God works!  😃  First, He brought us in ahead of the storm.  (The leading edge caught up with me just as I entered Nekoosa, but had dissipated a great deal by that time.)  Then, He used our early arrival to allow us time for Adoration!

I was able to carry your intentions to Jesus at this beautiful, little chapel (the Marian Center for Peace)!

I so wish that I could post more here on this blog, but it has been easier (while on the trail) to interact with our Facebook community page.  You can find pictures, comments and even live-stream videos there.  When I am home and have access to my laptop computer once again, I will try to share more of the stories and pictures from the pilgrimage here.  I thank you for your patience with me as Iearn to surf the social media.

Your prayers are a source of great strength and support for us as we continue our eastward journey.

May you be BLESSED!


Anonymous said...

Today is a global rosary relay for pray a rosary for all priests! Feast of the Sacred Heart. Can you post your email address for private intentions....thank you and God bless you JP

Alive in HOPE! said...

Absolutely! My e-mail address is and can be linked through "View my complete profile" (below)... Hope this helps.

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